Building Collaboration

Restorative Practices:

Create and foster a positive and collaborative team / community using a unique and highly effective method of facilitation, that is based on Restorative Practices and is also referred to as the Circle Process / Circle Keeping.

Restorative Practices / Circle Keeping has the broad goal of proactively developing community, building relationships, managing conflict, and increasing shared values that enable individuals and groups to develop trust and therefore live / work more effectively together. The field is developing across national and disciplinary borders, including families, schools, communities, workplaces and justice systems, with the intention to restore community in an increasingly disconnected world.

Offering Restorative Practices Facilitation Services, Facilitator Training and Coaching

Community-based Facilitator Training:

Facilitator Services
Starts with consultation to determine the most effective steps toward implementing Restorative Practices within your workplace / organization. Thereafter, facilitator services are offered to jump-start dialogue, with the intention of mentoring your staff to continue healthy dialogue on their own.

Organizational Facilitator Training

Participants will develop the skills, experience, and resources required to both facilitate and mentor others in the restorative practices of community-building circles and moving forward / repair-the-harm circles.

Our intention is that participants will complete training with the following:

1. The ability to facilitate Restorative Practices / be a Circle Keeper, with skills and experience in community-building and moving forward / repair-the-harm circles.

2. An understanding of how to carry this work forward in their personal and professional lives.

3. A specific plan to implement this work within their work / school / community environment.

We offer a one-day intensive training, with 2 additional 3-hour follow-up sessions, spaced several weeks apart.

Coaching Services:
After the training, we may provide hourly coaching to assist in planning and implementation of circles.

In addition, we facilitate a free monthly “Circle Keeper Gathering,” providing idea exchange and support for all Milwaukee-area Circle Keepers. Our goal is to make Restorative Practices / Circle Keeping accessible, implementable and supported in our community.


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